Mission Statement

Holy Trinity is a Catholic School where we provide quality education to equip our children to participate in a changing society with hope and confidence.


Our Catholic faith and tradition


We provide a variety of religious experiences, which include:

  • Prayer
  • Liturgical and Eucharistic celebrations
  • Involvement in Sacramental Programs

We educate our children in their faith through:

  • Religious Education Programs
  • Sacramental programs
  • Prayer, Liturgical and Eucharistic celebrations

The dignity of each individual


  • We exercise the preferential option for the poor by providing equal opportunities for all children
  • We provide a range of learning experiences that cater for the needs and abilities of individual children
  • We respect the rights and beliefs of all members of the community

The welcoming and hospitable atmosphere in our school


  • We build upon the strong sense of celebration,
  • enjoyment and wellbeing present in our school
  • we promote effective communication to ensure that each community member has a sense of inclusion, and is able to participate in the life of the school
  • we provide opportunities for individuals to express their ideas and opinions in the climate of openness and support


Every child has a right to learn


  • We provide positive educational experiences
  • We respect children as individuals and cater for their differences
  • We encourage all children to work to the best of their ability
  • We promote appropriate behaviour
  • We provide a professional climate in which staff are expected to be suitably qualified and professional in their dealings with children, parents and colleagues
  • We provide a curriculum which is relevant to the children and the society in which they live and grow

Parents and teachers are partners in the education process


  • We foster positive teacher/parent relationships
  • We provide opportunities for parents to be involved in the educational life of their children

The multicultural nature of our school is something to be celebrated


  • We respect the rights and beliefs of all in our school community
  • We cater for the various needs of our children and parents
  • We appreciate the cultural diversity within the school and promote tolerance and acceptance of all