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Holy Trinity inspires each student to grow in hope and confidence as a learner. 

Holy Trinity is a highly multicultural Catholic primary school with an enrolment of approximately 200 students, grouped in seven co-educational classes from Kindergarten to Year Six.

A Holy Trinity education goes well beyond our curriculum. With a focus on teaching strong Christian values, caring for each child, teaching about individual responsibilities and living skills, Holy Trinity students receive a well-rounded and high-quality Primary education.

Great facilities to support learning

Holy Trinity Primary students benefit from a wide range of outstanding educational, outdoor and technology resources. With a dedicated staff and our focus on meeting the learning needs of individual students, Holy Trinity students receive a high-quality primary education. Resources and facilities include:

  • state-of-the-art technology, including AppleTV, MacBooks, iPads and Chromebooks
  • flexible learning environments with breakout spaces for individual and group work
  • a structured program of outreach and caring for others
  • specialised learning support is available in English and Mathematics
  • a vibrant and well-resourced library
  • dance, choir and music/band programs
  • a large undercover play and sport area

Dedicated educators

We have a dedicated staff who see the importance of making learning enjoyable and engaging. Whether teaching or in the office, Holy Trinity staff are part of a system committed to transforming the lives of every student, every day.


Physical and digital places of inquiry and reading

The library at Holy Trinity is well resourced and children are encouraged to use the facilities available to them. Through access to our library resources and services, students develop a range of learner dispositions and capabilities to cultivate a culture of curiosity, creativity, imagination and innovation. Our eLibrary is the digital gateway to the range of quality online resources that encourage and enhance reading and support inquiry learning.


Nurturing our Catholic Faith

The Religious Education program at Holy Trinity values the children’s life experiences and encourages them to discuss, question, make judgements and decisions. Children are encouraged to express their new insights through actions and are given opportunities to reflect and respond at appropriate levels. Children regularly engage in prayer and liturgical celebrations.


Quality education with a focus on English and Maths

Holy Trinity is a Catholic school which teaches Christian values and aims to develop the whole child. Our exciting learning grows skills in creativity, critical thinking, teamwork and problem solving.

Due to the highly multicultural student population, all teaching occurs using an ESL perspective. There is a strong emphasis on the teaching of Literacy, with the goal of improving the literacy levels of every child. Teachers are encouraged to cater for individual differences in all areas of learning.


Learning beyond the classroom

A Holy Trinity Education develops the individual allowing them to discover their own talents in a nurturing environment. We encourage our students to learn more than just the fundamentals, engaging them in a wide array of extra curricular activities in the areas of:

  • Educational extension and competitions
  • Social Justice Initiatives
  • Public Speaking
  • Creative Arts
  • Sport

Specialised sports and music programs

Holy Trinity has a successful instrumental program where Year 5 & 6 students are taught to play a band instrument and all students participate in the exciting Dance Fever program during the year.


Specialised support

Our Catholic education programs provide quality learning and teaching by recognising that each child can and will learn. At Holy Trinity Granville we ensure that the individual needs of students are met and their gifts developed. To respond to the diversity of needs, interests and abilities of students we provide a flexible curriculum and a range of support programs for:

  • ESL (English as a Second Language)
  • Special Education
  • Reading Recovery
  • Literacy
  • Numeracy (EMU)
  • Transition

Student Wellbeing

Every child has a right to learn and feel safe, secure, valued and respected. Pastoral care of the children, staff and members of the community is a high priority. Discipline is fair and firm and children are encouraged to take responsibility for their actions. There is a strong emphasis on the teaching of living skills and courteous behaviour.

Opportunities for student leadership are also provided through school captains, sporting captains, the liturgy team, library monitors, support leaders and the media team.


A friendly, caring and multicultural community

Holy Trinity is a small school in which members of the community work hard to maintain the friendly and hospitable atmosphere. At Holy Trinity, 88% of the children come from language backgrounds other than English and 23 languages other than English are spoken as the first language of the children.

School spirit is a high priority and parents are encouraged to build happy, working relationships with members of staff.


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