Learning & Teaching

Primary teachers do not see learning as something that can be neatly boxed into separate subjects.

They know, for instance, that when a child is working with a group on a science experiment, he or she might well be questioning and explaining, writing down observations, drawing graphs, calculating results, consulting references and so on.

We also acknowledge that you, as parents, are the first educators of your child and we thank you for choosing Holy Trinity as the primary school for your child. We will now work in partnership to support you in nurturing and promoting the growth of your child. At Holy Trinity, we live out our motto to ‘Love Serve Hope’ as we reflect on the mission of Jesus and develop our spiritual life through learning, prayer and liturgy.

At Holy Trinity, we strive to create an atmosphere of learning, which inspires students to think creatively, work collaboratively, and communicate with each other and the wider community, and to be problem solvers. Student learning will be focused and purposeful, and we will always have an expectation that all children can learn and will achieve their personal best.

Learn more about how learning works at Holy Trinity Primary by reading the pages in this section or by contacting the school.