Extracurricular Activities

A Holy Trinity Education develops the individual allowing them to discover their own talents in a nurturing environment. 

We encourage our students to learn more than just the fundamentals, engaging them in a wide array of extra curricular activities.

These include:

  • Celebration of Learning
  • Book week celebrations
  • Educational excursions and incursions
Social Justice Initiatives
  • Faith in Action
  • House of Welcome
  • Project Compassion
  • Mission Week 
Public Speaking 
  • Debating (The Delany Cup) 
  • Voice of Youth 
Creative Arts 
  • Stage 3 Band
  • Monsignor McGovern Portrait Workshop Competition 
  • Zone swimming, cross country and athletics competition 
  • Soccer Gala Days - Stage 2 and Stage 3 
  • Basketball Program and Gala Day 
  • A.F.L. Programs 
  • Touch Gala Day 
  • Netball Gala Day